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For Home Sales, Early Summer Sizzled Around Decatur

The numbers from Atlanta's peak selling season — spring and early summer — are in, and things are looking up for property owners in and around Decatur, according to data compiled by 4 Walls Realty. The Q2 stats show jumps from winter 2015 in all categories, with days on market decreasing, average sale prices beefing up and the total number of homes sold tripling, in some cases. A few revelations: Buying a little slice of Decatur officially costs more than a ½ million smackaroos now, on average, with most houses selling above that threshold. Kirkwood sellers were some hard-asses when it came to budging on price (fetching, on average, 99.5 percent of list). And comparatively speaking, Medlock Park — a wedge-shaped neighborhood between Emory University and Interstate 285, north of downtown Decatur — is looking like a bargain.