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Cabbagetown's Anti-Bougie House is Finished; Wants $433K

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This circa-1920 Cabbagetown bungalow managed to capture news headlines around Atlanta while undergoing renovations this summer, and now that it's finished — and all that controversial HardiPlank siding has been replaced with wood — it's available for a reduced price of $433,000. How exactly does a reno job make the news? One easy step: use the side of it as a billboard that takes a jab at neighbors by calling them bougie busybodies who shouldn't have complained to the Urban Design Commission about the original siding material. Voilà! In any case, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence boasts direct access to Cabbagetown Park, relatively rare off-street parking and a revamp that kept soulfully old elements and wove in repurposed materials for a warm, rustic vibe. This is epitomized by the original tongue-and-groove walls and ceilings and what the listing describes as a "gobsmackingly original kitchen, with showstopper craftsmanship in cabinetry and tilework!"

· 700 Gaskill St. SE [InstaView/Property Panorama]