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Ode to MLK is Planned for Stone Mountain's Summit

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While it might not be as cool as a carving of Two Dope Boyz in a Cadillac — or a full-blown, sandblasted menagerie of legendary Georgians such as Jimmy Carter and Flannery O'Connor — the state's most blatant ode to Old South ideology is about to get a little less discriminatory. State authorities have green-lighted a "freedom" monument that would honor Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. at the very summit of Stone Mountain — a few hundred feet from towering carvings of anti-freedom Confederate Civil War heroes, according to the AJC. Plans call for an "elevated tower" with a replica of the Liberty Bell to pay homage to a single line — "Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia" — in King's most famous speech. Elsewhere in the park, a permanent exhibit honoring African-American soldiers in the Civil War is in the works. In other words, stay tuned for the world's most confusing tourist attraction.