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The 5 Best Atlanta Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating

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When it comes to Halloween, all children know there are two primary objectives: 1. Get the most candy; 2. Get the best candy. Any old Atlantan can resign themselves to walking out the front door and haunting every house within walking distance, but prudent candy-mongers will have a bona fide a plan. So it's important to find the best starting place — the best intown goldmine for the good stuff. Luckily, some of the hard work is already done. After the jump, see strategic charts and maps that should help jumpstart any Halloween operation.

Getting the most candy isn't easy. It's basically a matter of hitting up the most doors before curfew (or before daddy's flask runs dry), so speed is key. It won't make any sense to drive door to door. All of that hopping in and out of cars is a time-killer. The best option is to find the most walkable neighborhood possible.

And, let's face it, the best candy always comes from the wealthiest residents. Maybe it's because rich people love showing off, maybe it's because rich people are amazingly generous, or maybe there's just something intangible about the smiles of monsters and ghouls when they get a king-sized candy bar. Whatever the case, it still takes a lot of big houses to fill a pillowcase.

To get the best haul possible, you'll need a bit of both factors. Before setting out with a pillowcase and a head full of nightmares, take a look at this list of the best neighborhoods for trick or treating:

This might not be a typical doorbell-to-doorbell neighborhood, but it's one of the densest areas in Atlanta. Plus, there are ghost tours at the Fox Theatre.

Old Fourth Ward
Diverse with renovated industrial buildings (for that added bit of haunted flavor) and tightly packed houses, this might not be the wealthiest area, but it's easy to get around. Plus, Oakland Cemetery is right over the edge of the neighborhood in Cabbagetown.

Buckhead Village
Situated near the Andrews entertainment district, this is an easily navigable area that sits right on the edge of some of the wealthiest streets in Atlanta. Giant candy is almost guaranteed.

This affluent, in-between area is an easy jumping point to six other neighborhoods and districts including Little Five Points and its infamous Halloween parade.

Inman Park
The oldest suburb in Atlanta, designed with pedestrians in mind. There are tons of big, old houses to quickly shuffle between. All things considered, this is probably Atlanta's best overall trick-or-treating spot.