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This $749K Midtown Condo Makes the Agent Say 'OMG'

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Midtown is probably full of condo lovers kicking themselves for not pouncing on fire-sale units at Peachtree Street's most curvaceous tower a couple of years ago. A mere 31 condos closed at 1010 Midtown the year it opened (2008), and then the malaise really set in. In a roughly three-year window after 2010, however, all 425 homes at this 35-story tower had sold, and now original buyers are aiming to reap the fruits of a market rebound. This unique condo — one of eight "patio units" — embodies that, having hit the market at $749,500, or 44 percent more than its sale price just two years ago. But the listing agent seems to think that's no real hurdle, beginning the property description with "OMG" and then erroneously calling this 1,563-square-foot floor plan the building's largest. It is a roomy two-bedroom layout with glorious southwest views down Peachtree, with a patio that might lack total privacy but is an urban botanist's dream. There's a dearth of larger condos in the neighborhood, so buyers who can handle this note (and $521 HOA fees) just might consider themselves lucky.

· 1080 Peachtree St. NE Unit 811 [Estately]