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South of EAV, This Modern Residence Aims for 1/2 Million

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The ½ million-dollar, modern-style standalone houses of Atlanta are venturing into new territory. Zillow labels this neighborhood "Woodland Hills," an area due south of Ormewood Park, snuggled up next to Moreland Avenue, between East Atlanta and what will one day be the Beltline's Southside Trail. This property isn't likely to win any international design awards, but for modern enthusiasts who need 3,000 square feet, no more than three bedrooms and whose budgets aren't $1 million, it could work. The price is $525,000 — at least $100,000 more expensive than any comparable property in the vicinity. The positives: Elevated deck space is beyond ample here, the espresso wood flooring upstairs is nice, and in terms of size, the kitchen island is as "monumental" as the listing swears. But the main level's stained-concrete flooring screams "garage," as the blocky stainless-steel fireplace whispers "microwave." The backyard is framed by nonstandard fencing and cost-saving pine straw, and unless it's an optical illusion, the garage fits just a single vehicle. Glossy white cabinetry abounds. It's not the only modern-style house in the area, but it could set a new bar for price.

· 1155 Danner St. SE [Zillow]