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$295K Buys Airy and Industrial Castleberry Hill Loft

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Plenty of condos around Atlanta are promoted as lofts, but they usually lack the bona fides — huge timber beams, century-old brick and multi-level airiness, for instance — to legitimize those claims. This two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit at Fairside Lofts, a 1910 building in Castleberry Hill, has legitimacy in spades, and a price of $295,000. This 1,524-square-foot property was originally refurbished in 1997, but the sloped, soulful ceilings are original and — hold up, is that barn door of corrugated steel? Nice. We're told this is the only one of 14 units with direct rooftop access, but the amenities up there don't exactly look like University House. Downsides could include what's listed as a single parking space. At least one bathroom sorely needs updating, and maybe it's the photos, but the layout seems a little on the funky side. Still, opportunities to legitimately live the post-warehouse life aren't all that common, and especially not for sub-$300,000 condos that aren't shoeboxes.

· 210 Walker St. SW Unit 11 []