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Showdown: Which Palatial West Paces Estate is the Best Bet?

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Which Buckhead manse is best?

West Paces Ferry Road is the street of Atlanta's uber elite — not to mention the Georgia Governor's mansion. With five of the Top 25 most expensive homes in Atlanta, there's no shortage of overly ostentatious mansions for those who happen to have lots of money. While home prices on the street can climb into the tens of millions, we found a few more moderately priced mansions that could serve as starter homes for the good life. Needless to say, they are each big on space, style and still relatively pricey — but which one is best?

Built in 1917, the home at 456 West Paces Ferry Road doesn't just have an address, but a name: "Arden." Designed by noted classical architect Neel Reid, the home has formal over-the-top opulence, a kick-ass entry hall and oodles of columns. While the paint scheme is a little bit box-of-Crayons, it's hard to deny that this place has style. For those keen on vintage charm — and with $5 million to spare — Arden may just be the home for you.


Just down the street, the manse at 675 West Paces Ferry Road may look old, but it actually dates to only 2000. Feigned history aside, the house has obscenely massive walls in the entry hall, lots of marble in the bathrooms and 11-foot ceilings throughout the living spaces. Beyond the normal trappings of Buckhead mansions, there's a psychedelic mirrored bathroom for those who've always wanted to climb inside a disco ball, a big stone wall with an embedded TV and a fancy fort for the kids out back. Compared to the Reid, this home has all the modern comforts and is relatively affordable at almost $2.7 million. So the choice isn't exactly easy.

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