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Fuqua: Braves Complex is the 'Project of the Decade'

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In what could be taken as a slight against the Atlanta Falcons stadium, the Beltline or any number of thrilling mega-projects across the county, prolific and oft-controversial Atlanta developer Jeff Fuqua has anointed the Braves' Cobb County complex "the project of the decade and the most interesting development being built in North America." In the same Atlanta Business Chronicle interview, Fuqua humbly notes that, "Everybody in the business is looking at this," in reference to the ballpark's big mixed-use component, The Battery, which will include some 350,000 square feet of retail, a hip theater and a whopping 20 or so restaurants. The ABC also reports the Braves are scouting a big-league roster of retailers — including Anthropologie, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Gap, L.L. Bean, UNIQLO and Walmart Supercenter (kidding!) — in hopes of keeping the place humming all offseason.