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Marble 'Ice Cube' of 'Ant-Man' Fame to Fall for New Court?

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Georgia's former Archives building, which enjoyed 15 minutes of fame in Marvel's "Ant-Man" as the PYM Technologies Building, could soon face demolition. The AJC reports that money once earmarked to bring down the structure is now slated to go toward designing what could be Georgia's most expensive state-funded building ever: a new Supreme Court. The massive "White Ice Cube" rises prominently next to the Interstate 20 / Interstate 75/85 interchange just south of the Capitol Building. With revitalization efforts under way in the area, it's not surprising that the long vacant building has a date with death — after all, it's been in the cards for a while.

Designed by local architect A. Thomas Bradbury — who also just happened to be a lawyer — the building was completed in 1965. The midcentury monolith is notable in that it utilizes classical materials (mostly marble) and form (a colonnaded entry) in a starkly modern way. Plagued by structural problems and outdated infrastructure, the hulking 14-story building was abandoned in 2003 for a newer facility in Morrow. While it's been utilized to film multiple movies over the last decade, the building is little more than a rotting relic in the eyes of the state. The striking minimalist design and grand marbleiness will likely do little to save it now — though hopefully the stone will get a second life somewhere else... Perhaps free marble counter tops for all Atlanta residents?

With the appropriation of money toward a new building on the site, it seems only a matter of time before the big cube gets demoed.

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