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Buckhead House is Like the Mecca of Halloween Inflatables

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[Photos: Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta.]

There's only a week left until Halloween, which means it's high time for Atlantans to go overboard with spooky decorations like Clarke Griswold does Christmas bulbs. While some ATLiens take the opportunity to go gory or creepy, one Buckhead residence has gone a more kid-friendly route in decorating for the holiday. With upwards of 50 illuminated inflatables, many of them with moving parts, this amazing if somewhat ridiculous sight along Peachtree-Dunwoody Road is pretty spook-tacular. Though the scariest part will probably be the October electrical bill.

Just north of Peachtree Road at Winall Down Road, the yard is in a prime spot to attract curious onlookers. And it's not just Halloween that gets the homeowner into a festive mood. For years now the same yard has been filled with Christmas inflatables — more than 150, according to an 11Alive report from last year.

So when you check out Buckhead Village — one of the top candy neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating according to our incredibly scientific study — make a detour over to see the house.

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