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This Old Fourth Ward Modern's Price Tag Must be a Typo

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At first blush, this listing would appear to be an opportunity to "live in Atlanta's hottest neighborhood" in a tri-level, modern-style house for 1999 prices. In which case, one would think a developer has not done his homework — or has a money allergy. Misleading at best, the listing tempts with a $229,000 price and blueprint specifics like four bedrooms and two and ½ bathrooms, adding that this "contemporary concept is permitted and ready to be built TODAY. Builder will build to suit or sell lot." So, okay, the price is likely for the land only, and this modernistic house is something like a placeholder.

In any case, the location — less than a block from the Beltline's Eastside Trail, near Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall — is juicy. This same hunk of real estate was listed at $164,900 as recently as 2014. And a closer look at property records shows an LLC named CM Capital owns three contiguous, rectangular parcels right here — all purchased last year. So whatever becomes of this land, it's a safe bet it'll have neighbors sooner than later.

· 167 Sampson St. NE [Realtor]