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Mondo Modern 'House' in Downtown Decatur Seeks $1.3M

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Across the street from Decatur High School, a hybrid art gallery, office, studio and residential project known as "Lightroom 2.0" is being marketed by Estately as a standalone "house" for $1.3 million. The massive four-story space (6,800 friggin' square feet, per the listing) has housed Lightroom, an interior and graphic design and architecture firm. According to a feature in Architizer, the project was "inspired by the British artist Rachel Whiteread and her concrete castings of existing buildings" and is crowned by a rooftop terrace and movie theater "that frames the view of Midtown Atlanta and the forests of Druid Hills and Inman Park." A floor-by-floor breakdown isn't listed, but Architzer documented a storefront art gallery, offices and a studio, and one residential level with two bedrooms and two bathrooms (which would allow buyers to do laundry while cooking). One bonus is the 85 Walk Score, which promises to climb higher with the advent of more neighboring rooftop patios and such.

· 115 N Mcdonough St. [Estately]