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Shriek! Triple Dose of Thrill Rides Bound for Downtown

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[All images via ABC.]

Three new amusement rides housed in a single large tower could soon join the SkyView Ferris wheel, transforming the area around Centennial Olympic Park into a mini Las Vegas Strip, minus the gambling and vomit. Promising the dubious distinction of being the "first standalone amusement ride to be developed in the heart of a major U.S. city" — according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle — the "SkyTower" would feature three thrill rides packed into a 225-foot, white-and-red, erector-set-like construct with all the aesthetic attributes of a bloated radio broadcast tower. The three rides would be billed as SkyShot, SkyDrop and SkyTwist: a slingshot ride, a drop ride and a corkscrew ride, respectively. The tower would rise 25 feet above the adjacent Ferris wheel. According to Todd Schneider and Al Mers, the men behind both SkyView and SkyTower, the $5 million project could start as early as January.

· SkyTower Atlanta to thrill downtown visitors [Atlanta Business Chronicle]

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