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Old Stockade in Grant Park an Adaptive-Reuse Dream?

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[The Atlanta Stockade. All images via Hailey Realty.]

One of Atlanta's storied — though relatively unknown — historic edifices is hitting the market in Grant Park. Sellers are accepting bids for the Atlanta Stockade, first built as a jail in 1896, through the end of the week. Located near the Beltline's future Southside Trail, the 4.25-acre property contains not just the former prison but a large building that formerly housed stables and a blacksmiths shop, as Creative Loafing reports. Ripe for redevelopment, this OG mixed-use development is adjacent to Fuqua's Glenwood Place and other new developments like Enso Apartments and Glenwood Park. All the neighborhood needs now is a historic anchor, right?

The core of the building dates to the late 1800s, with major additions packed on between 1905 and 1916. In addition to being used as a jail, the turreted structure also spent time as storage for the Atlanta Public School system, a furniture warehouse and was most recently low-cost apartments. With no price listed for the property, it wouldn't be hard to imagine many developers clamoring for the high bid to use the building as the centerpiece of a new adaptive reuse development à la Ponce City Market. Or, tearing it down... after all, this is Atlanta.

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