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Random Bout: Stylish East Point, Marietta Renos Square Off!

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Typically, the Real Estate Deathmatches of Atlanta pair two properties with similar locations, prices or features. But today's bout shall flip the script and toss two metro Atlanta properties in the ring with almost no relationship to each — except that both were built more than three decades ago yet seem stylish by modern standards. One is a Marietta flip with oodles of personality, the other a more understated midcentury rehab in East Point. Without further ado, let's toss them in a hypothetical cage and let your votes determine the victor.

1970s No More in Marietta:

3000 Alberta Drive, Marietta
Year built: 1976
Price: $250,000
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.5
Square footage: 1,628
Dangly basket things on façade: 2
Pros: Stylish, vastly open and unique renovation for the price
Cons: Location is way up yonder where Interstate 575 splits from I-75; undersized retro fridge

Analysis: The exterior shape might scream "Brady Bunch modern," but the to-the-studs revamp is all kinds of 2015. The kitchen's waterfall countertop and the hardwoods throughout are worthy of applause. Bonus points for a strong school system and, of course, the backyard hot tub.

Midcentury Flair in East Point:

2256 Plantation Drive, East Point
Year built: 1960
Price: $150,000
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Square footage: 1,387
Words in address that scare Yankee buyers: 1
Pros: A classic style that's been crisply revived on a quiet street
Cons: Nobody would call the place "sprawling," and East Point is a bit off-the-beaten-path for some

Analysis: Located a mile and change from a MARTA train station, this 1960 brick ranch has been thoroughly updated with quartz galore and sleek bathrooms. It boasts walkability to the Connally Nature Preserve, and burgeoning downtown East Point isn't far. It's substantially cheaper but smaller than its competition.

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