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10 Horrifying ATL Listings and the Spirits That Plague Them

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Above: The Stooping Specter of Sorrowful Office-Style Drop Ceilings.

Tis the season to be creepy, so we scoured current Atlanta real estate listings for the most horrifying photos available then used our (nonexistent) psychic powers to identify the ghosts and ghouls that curse their halls. Warning: You'll need every ounce of bravery you can muster to face these terrifying scenes and stories. Ready? Don't say we didn't warn you.

↓ The three-bedroom, two-bathroom Avondale Estates home at 26 Berkeley Road is plagued by not one or even two, but three blood-curdling spirits. Upstairs, the Floral Sheeted Ghost of Overzealous Wallpaper Application drifts aimlessly, questioning the decision to wallpaper not only the walls but also the ceiling in a flowery pattern whose mere existence unintentionally summons characters from Little House on the Prairie from time to time. Downstairs, the living room provides a homey vacation getaway for ghosts from Disney's Haunted Mansion on their way up from Florida. In another room, the ghastly form of a golfer killed by a runaway cart can often be seen, aggressively swinging his putter at those who dare to walk across the faux putting green. The home can be yours for $325,000.

↓ Non-cat lovers who visit this three-bedroom North Buckhead dwelling could experience meowing, hissing and mysterious scratches on their feline-hating ankles. Leave your holy water and crosses at home because bags of Meow Mix and little cushions of catnip are the only tools reported to calm the multiple feline energies present in this cat-obsessed home. The terrifying images below capture one spirit who lives on beyond his nine earthly lives.

↓ The primary spirit residing in this three-bedroom Georgia Tech rental home is a sorrowful one. That one roommate who "just didn't understand why you can't pick your clothes up off the floor" has been forced to spend all of eternity tripping over your damned mess — and weeping. We mustn't forget the weeping. The mournful sound keeps the surviving roomies up at night from time to time but mostly, they can't hear it because they're passed out under layers of sound-muffling debris. In the kitchen, a pool of something that looks disturbingly like blood but might also be barbecue sauce is leaking ominously out of the fridge.

↓ Once upon a time, the Stooping Specter of Sorrowful Office-Style Drop Ceilings did not live in this $325,000 house in Brookhaven. He was a proud spirit with proper posture who could actually spend his days frightening the living rather than spending his time trying to get an appointment with his ethereal chiropractor. The broker babble says the two-bedroom home "has great bones" but the Stooping Specter's chiropractor would warn that those bones are not in proper alignment. Who put that ceiling there anyway?

↓ The $2,695,000 mansion at 675 West Paces Ferry looks perfectly respectable and decidedly un-haunted at first glance — until you find the mind-boggling mirror maze and several rooms that are very clearly just seconds from going full-on Silent Hill crazy, complete with melting walls and Pyramid Head swinging around a giant sword. Chilling.

↓ The broker babble offers a clue to the dangers that await within this 1,800-square-foot townhome, boasting that it has "a location to die for!" [Insert evil laughter here.] It also indicates that the three-bedroom, Sandy Springs unit was fully renovated by the architect who previously lived there. One look at the keyhole-shaped gate and it becomes obvious that the owner spent some serious money preparing for the arrival of Zuul, minion of Gozer The Destructor. Rick Moranis is just seconds from walking in with a colander on his head. Feeling heroic? Buy it for $264,000 and try to stop the inevitable.

↓ Demons are really tough to get rid of, as anyone who has ever watched any horror movie can attest. The possession of this four-bedroom, 2,201-square-foot house's master bathroom has been going on since the mid-1980s and continues to this day. Legend has it, if you stand touching the outdated glass blocks and listen carefully, you can hear the soulful sounds of Hall & Oates emanating from the shower area. This vile creature can only be banished by a qualified interior designer.

↓ It is rare for entities to actually reveal themselves visibly in listing photos, but images of this $590,000 Sandy Springs home reveal two separate spooks. A pair of ghostly disembodied hands emerges from the television stand while a horrific skeletal thing with hollow black eyes lounges in the living room. Honestly, what IS that thing??? Somebody call a ghostbuster, stat.

↓ The most stunning example of spirit photography available in the current Atlanta listings comes from this four-bedroom "re-modelers dream" in Brookhaven. The full-body apparition of a man, dressed as though he lived in the modern age, can be seen at the end of a hallway lined with glowing ectoplasm. Gasp! If you didn't know better, you would think he was standing right there!

↓ We've seen all the Paranormal Activity and Insidious movies, so we know a disguised inter-dimensional portal when we see one. The builders of the six-bedroom house at 36 Highland Drive might think the old wood-on-wood trick can hide this important doorway, but we're onto them. If there weren't wickedness lurking behind that concealed door, why would they have employed this ghostly guard to stand watch? That's what we thought. This house isn't for the faint of heart... or strong of style.

[Stay Puft Marshmallow Man by zerobaek0100. Disney Haunted Mansion ghosts by Jeff Krause. Shower shadow ghost by PiccadillyWilson. Ghost cat by Adam Pomerinke. Silent Hill sign by Ricky Brigante. All Flickr Creative Commons. Hand-drawn ghosts by Curbed Atlanta. All other ghosts and specters courtesy of ]