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Beltline Seeking Visions for Key Westside Trail Property

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Atlanta Beltline officials have been on a proactive roll. In the last few weeks, the bidding process closed for building the Eastside Trail's final leg, bids opened for designing the Southside Trail segment, and now a call has gone out for anyone qualified to craft a vision for a key Westside Trail property known as the "Murphy Crossing" site. The Beltline wants proposals from qualified firms, teams or individuals who would assess the 16-acre property with a goal of creating a jobs magnet and economic stimulator. Once home to the State Farmers Market, the multi-parcel site sits between Murphy and Allene avenues in Southwest Atlanta, snuggled up next to the Westside Trail.

Officials say the three-mile Westside Trail is on track to open in 2017, with connectivity to four parks. The multi-use trail will be more of a finished product than its existing Eastside counterpart. It'll have more access points (11 total) plus handrails, lighting, landscaping and infrastructure to support future Atlanta Streetcar transit.

As for the Murphy Crossing piece, the analysis the Beltine seeks will consider the potential redevelopment of existing buildings, inclusion of workforce housing and scenarios that would spur job growth. Officials describe the property's virtues as follows:

"The 16-acre site is a prime economic development node for its proximity to MARTA rail lines, the Westside Trail and future Atlanta Streetcar transit, the Atlanta University Center, the Allene Avenue Urban Farm site, and the historical Adair Park, West End, Washington Park and Westview neighborhoods."

The deadline to submit proposals is Nov. 13. So get on it, ye visionaries of Atlanta!

· The official RFP [Atlanta Beltline Inc.]