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Could This Yoo Project be Only the Beginning in Midtown?

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The developer behind Yoo on the Park, a 25-story luxury apartment tower up the street from Piedmont Park in Midtown, says that project might be only the tip of the Yoo iceberg in this rental-hungry Atlanta market. During a recent Bisnow summit, The Trillist Cos' Scott Leventhal said he's gearing up to build another Yoo tower at 1138 Peachtree St. — currently a parking lot between Crescent Avenue and Peachtree where a colossal Mandarin Oriental/condo hybrid was pitched during the recession. Leventhal said his company owns the site and is planning to break ground next year. (Last we heard, the plans called for something like this.) What's more, Leventhal said Trillist is eyeing another Midtown site for spreading the Yoo love, but he wouldn't disclose where. Any guesses?