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Free Buckhead Parking could End Soon. But is That so Bad?

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Atlantans love their cars with an ardent passion not understood by urban dwellers in many other major cities. But while folks in Midtown and downtown know that driving comes at the expense of fighting for street parking or paying for the privilege of using a lot, most drivers in Buckhead can still find a free space to stow their rides. But according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the days of free parking may be numbered with the announcement that the Securities Centre on Piedmont Road plans to begin charging patrons to park by early 2016. The owner of the building, Atlanta Property Group, postulates that with amenities like PATH400 and a new MARTA pedestrian bridge offering easier access to Buckhead Station, there are beginning to be alternatives to driving. But, alas, the prediction may be more apocalyptic than necessary — after all, the pitchforks won't really come out until people have to pay to park at places like Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza, right?

If Buckhead, still a bastion of free parking in the city, were to go the way of other intown centers and require people to pay for parking, would that be a bad thing? Living in the city has its costs, and as Buckhead booms should "Free Parking" simply be relegated to a space on the Monopoly board? Or, as a red-blooded Atlantan, do you feel free parking is your birthright?

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· For Buckhead, the end of free parking is near [Atlanta Business Chronicle]

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