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Will Snazzy Staging Finally Sell this Oakhurst Townhome?

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Could this be the only new ITP townhome where moving in basically requires walking in with your toothbrush and clothes? Maybe. And is that a red flag? Maybe, maybe not. Unit #15 is the very last unsold townhome at a modern-style offering from Thrive Homes called Seven Twelve Oakview, tucked around the corner from Oakhurst Village. This four-bedroom corner unit with 2,090 square feet has played pricing Ping-Pong on the market for more than a year, which is somewhat perplexing. It's been priced as high as $535,000 but now sits at its all-time nadir: $519,900. Sure, the listing might say the place is merely "staged," but that roughly translates in Hard-Bargain Buyer's English as, "furnished." At the very least, a buyer should gun for the driftwood centerpiece on the dining table, a couple of televisions and that Pellegrino on the counter.

· 728 Oakview Road Unit 15 [Estately]