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Stylish $429K Condo on Piedmont Park has Pillars Galore

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For Atlanta condo shoppers who fancy a little Romanesque flair, this condo at the cusp of Piedmont Park could be the Mark Antony to your Cleopatra. It has pillars all over the place — the living room, dinning room, bedroom — but also atoning updates that include Hansgrohe fixtures, FLOS and Fontana Arte lighting, Blue Bahia granite and Carrara marble. This two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit is at the tucked-away Belvedere condos on Dutch Valley Road, with easy-peasy walkability to the future Eastside Trail and heaps of restaurants and bars. Other perks include a soothing, tree-facing patio space with some really snazzy plant life, a master suite with skyline views, the onsite lap pool and not-too-shabby overall space: 1,538 square feet. If the pillars are a sticking point … well, they're almost certainly load-bearing, but perhaps they could be masked as industrial-cool telephone poles or something. Anyhow, the price: $429,000.

· 560 Dutch Valley Road NE Apt. 313 []