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Best of the Worst in Dirt-Cheap Eastside Rental Homes

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When finding a new place to live, Atlanta renters may have bigger concerns than checking off "spacious closets" or "breathtaking views" or "traditional bedrooms" — namely, money. While some young urbanites are propelled into the city on a wave of tech-startup cash and postgraduate enthusiasm, a likely even number find themselves with two or three service industry jobs and a dream deferred. Fear not! Atlanta might not be a well-designed city, per se, or even a livable city by some standards, but what it lacks in planning and accessibility it surely makes up for in cheap, cheap housing stock.

Rental-house hunters could spend hours, even days, finding a decent place to live, but below, we've done some of the legwork for you. Paragons of design these are not, but each of these homes fit three (mostly) arbitrary criteria:

1. They are under $1,000 per month

2. They are east of The Connector

3. They had more than one photo, which is always a good sign ...

· 552 Allendale Drive [Zillow]

This three-bedroom home just south of East Lake Golf Course won't sell you on the frills. After all, one of its touted features is "neutral paint." What it will hook you on is practicality. There's a large driveway, a larger yard, included appliances and hardwood floors you'd have to try to ruin. This house screams "college loan debt." As an added bonus, it's about equidistant to East Atlanta Village or downtown Decatur. Rent: $850 per month. Three bedrooms, one bathroom.

· 1906 Brannen Road SE [Zillow]

This house, sandwiched between Bouldercrest Road and Interstate 20, has the same basic setup as the first home with one key upgrade: a fireplace! It's difficult to estimate the impact of a fireplace, but if you're looking to crank the heat in the winter without breaking the bank, this could be a great living situation. Plus, it's just a few steps away from two bus lines that could whisk you swiftly (well, leisurely) to Inman Park or Grant Park. Rent: $825. Three bedrooms, one bathroom.

· 2893 Rockcliff Road SE [Zillow]

This place may not be pretty, but it's basically the Cadillac of post-college ITP rentals. It features three bedrooms, hardwood floors, updated appliances, a back deck, a garage (what!?) and, no kidding, a bathroom for every bedroom. Near Gresham Park, this house is closer to the perimeter than any cool nightlife spots, but what it loses in culture it makes up for in hundreds of additional square feet. Rent: $975 month. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms.

· 1562 Lakewood Ave. SE [Zillow]

This last house is top of the list if you aren't too worried about location, but this is also a case where a little worrying could be justified. Located on Lakewood Avenue, its proximity to a large cemetery and the U.S. Penitentiary is actually less off-putting than the train tracks right behind the house. For anyone that can look past that (or sleep through an air raid), this house is amazing. It has a covered front porch, a fenced-in backyard, hardwood floors and tile bathrooms. Plus, a fourth bedroom means this could be the cheapest rent split on the list. Rent: $950 (estimate). Four bedrooms, two bathrooms.