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Enormous Neel Reid Tudor has 7 Bedrooms, $1.4M Price

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Prominent Atlanta architect Neel Reid has been dead for 90 years, but his distinctive handiwork still dots the city's high-end real estate landscape, and his reputation still helps to bolster prices. Such is the case with this 1925 English Tudor in Druid Hills, which has enough space among its 5,500 square feet for several existing rental properties. (Note: listing services disagree on exactly when this was built, and how big it is, so we'll err toward the conservative numbers). All told, there are seven bedrooms, five and ½ bathrooms and what could be the largest parking garage this side of Atlantic Station. Many of the updates are elegantly woven into the historic fabric (see: ancillary bathrooms), and the listing agent assures us the main spaces will "easily convert back to single family," for those who truly want to live large. Of course a big budget will be required. Price: $1.45 million.

· 1315 Fairview Road NE [Estately]