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Another Historic Downtown Building is Under Demo Threat

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In the heart of the Fairlie-Poplar historic district, the aptly named Fosyth-Walton Building — located at the corner of Forsyth and Walton streets — sits surrounded by high-rises. But its days may be numbered if the telecom company next door moves forward with plans to expand their server farm, according to an Instagram post by ATL Urbanist. Located across the street from the landmarked U.S. Post Office And Courthouse, the two-story building was constructed back in 1900, according to a listing on LoopNetthough indications are that the Art Deco facade dates to 1936. And this isn't the first smallish building downtown to be threatened with demolition in the last few months.

Ironically, the other threatened historic building downtown started life as a telephone exchange. It came to light in August that Georgia State University hopes to knock down the the Bell Building on Edgewood Avenue. Since, GSU's student newspaper The Signal reports that the city has no intentions to issue a demolition permit for the 108-year-old building.

Time will tell if the same can be said for the Forsyth-Walton.

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