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In Photos: Death of Three Big Peachtree Road Houses

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[Exterior photos: Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta.]

Three of the last single-family homes on Peachtree Road in Buckhead could be all but a memory by this afternoon. We watched Tuesday evening as the first of the standalone trio lost its battle with a front-end loader. The remaining two could meet the same fate today, with the site foreman saying, "They'll be gone by the afternoon." A small crowd gathered on Peachtree as work finished on the second demo project in the area in just the last few weeks, with one local resident offering up a few photos of the interiors of the ill-fated residences. Unsurprisingly, the development to replace the homes — called Buckhead Park North — is permitted to fill the 1.29 acres with 17 townhomes, which the demolition crew indicated would cost more than $1 million each. Which has become the going rate for larger semi-detached product in the area.

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