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Big Midcentury Ranch has 'Best Backyard in All of Midtown'?

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It's rare that real estate agents of Atlanta get all first-person in listings, injecting themselves and their personal desires where information about the actual property should go. But sometimes, like when you're dealing with a tastefully modernized midcentury ranch on Ansley Golf Club, inspiration takes hold, and you're bound to make baseless statements like "best backyard in all of Midtown" and lead the listing with, "For Years I have been asked about the availability of a golf course lot in Sherwood Forest, that day has come!" This low-slung four-bedroom residence dates to 1952, but the interior airiness, emphasis on huge windows and updated kitchen and baths belie that fact. Initially listed in August and chopped by $100,000 earlier this week, it has 4,242 square feet and a new price of $1.19 million. About the backyard: There's some nice verdure, a spiral staircase, a fairly standard pool, a sweet pizza oven/bar hybrid and views of golfers. But as for being the "best" in Midtown? Well, this house, for one, would probably beg to differ.

· 1699 Friar Tuck Road []