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Builder: Buckhead's Latest Erection Came Fast and Strong

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For Atlanta skyline watchers who prefer their new towers finished lickety-split, Buckhead's newest apartment sky-rise could offer a ray of hope. In announcing that construction on The High Rise at Post Alexander has officially wrapped, builders Brasfield & Gorrie pounded their chests a bit this week, noting that the fast-tracked building reached its full 26-story height in a mere six months, by way of "a five-day concrete-pour-and-set cycle on each repeating residential floor." Designed by Cooper Carry, the 340-unit luxury project went from groundbreaking to fully open in 21 months, helped along by a 1,000-person-strong construction team, officials said. While haphazardly fast erections are probably a bad thing for Atlanta — and mankind in general — expedited schedules like this could provide hope for developers wanting to capitalize on a real estate cycle that was supposed to have cooled off by now. The early word on Alexander rents: from $1,460 for studios and $2,585 for two-bedroom units —price points that fall between neighbors SkyHouse Buckhead and Cyan in this suddenly crowded market.

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