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Signs of 'Atlanta Pride' Abound in Midtown Right Now

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Atlanta's been an LGBT mecca for decades, and to prove it, the city's rolling out the red, blue, purple, yellow and orange carpet for the 45th incarnation of Atlanta Pride this weekend. Special touches include the column of light (see above) that shoots colorfully up the face of Spire condos in Midtown. (We're told SkyHouse South has made similar changes to their roof lighting in support of Pride, too). Meanwhile, at the intersection of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue, the grassroots movement to paint the crosswalks with rainbows has achieved its mission — sort of. The group Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalks was scheduled to coat the crosswalks in fast-drying paint Thursday evening to commemorate Pride weekend, but the colorful additions would be temporary. The group's president told the AJC that city officials reneged on initial pledges to allow for permanent paint, citing "safety concerns and state regulations."