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7-Bedroom West End Classic is Renovator's Dream for $159K

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Fly-by-night flippers need not apply here. Perched around the corner from the Wren's Nest, this seven-bedroom, three-kitchen West End classic from the Roaring Twenties is for "professional renovators only" with "cash/hard money," per the listing. It's a borderline-inhabitable, 3,500-square-foot blank slate of triplex partitions and a hodgepodge of true Craftsman, Victorian and Greek revival elements. Highlights include the eight fireplaces, future Beltline proximity, Corinthian porch columns and included A/C unit cages that look downright impenetrable. The listing even spells out what could become of this grand prospect: "Renovation depending on your taste level can range from as low (as) $25k to $125k to fully restore to its former 1920s glory." Should be interesting to see which path this place takes.

· 693 Lawton St. SW [Estately]