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Beltline Grant to Update Cool Reynoldstown Stage Concept

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In news that could make Atlanta art advocates say, "Woop woop!" a permanent performance venue is one step closer to reality on a future leg of the Beltline. Atlanta's Office of Cultural Affairs received a $100,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to update the Reynoldstown stage concept, located off Memorial Drive just up the Eastside Trail, behind H. Harper Station. Beltline officials tell Curbed the stage project was one of 66 recipients of the Our Town grant, which doled out more than $5 million after parsing through 275 applicants.

The concept for the project, to create a multi-use green space for an underserved community, was done by Georgia Tech School of Architecture professor Tristan Al-Haddad. Al-Haddad had worked previously with the Beltline to create intriguing design structures as part of a collaborative class, starting in 2011. Previously the stage area has been used for the Art on the Beltline exhibition, which features temporary art pieces and performances by artists such as Staibdance, Dad's Garage and Gateway Performance Productions.

POND & Company was chosen to lead the completion of the design and coordinate with the Department of Watershed Management. POND did work on the Beltline's Northside Trail and designs for the Westside Trail, in addition to a number of associated parks. The company also provided designs and construction oversight for Cabbagetown Park and Constitution Lakes, just outside the southern city limits.

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