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$489K Edgewood Listing: Beefier Twist on 'Modern Farmhouse'

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Lording over Hosea Williams Drive, a couple of blocks from Moreland Avenue, this five-bedroom Edgewood listing is being marketed for $489,900 as another "Modern Farmhouse," though it's a more restrained and beefier version than many of its intown counterparts. Space of this magnitude (2,800 square feet) is becoming increasingly uncommon for under ½ million bucks, and this place offers the best of both worlds for soft-contemporary enthusiasts (simplified lines aplenty, modernistic ceiling fans as punctuation) and traditional adherents (reclaimed shelving, beadboard ceilings, board-and-batten detailing). Now let's pick nits: The kitchen island seats just two (although a secondary dining table fits nearby), carpet-haters should avert their eyes to avoid visual shock, and a lot this insanely deep (450 feet) could be seen as either a huge perk or a beast to care for. The one-block proximity to the Edgewood Retail District surely supports the relatively solid Walk Score of 74. For buyers who prefer even more traditional style with similar perks and space, the same builder has finished the neighboring home, too.

· 1299 Hosea L. Williams Drive NE [Estately]