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Report: Dunwoody has Priciest 4-Bedroom Houses in State

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The not-so-mean streets of Dunwoody not only lay claim to the very top of the Top-End Perimeter — they're now home to Georgia's highest-priced family houses on average. For its 2015 Home Listing Report, Coldwell Banker crunched the numbers on some 72,000 four-bedroom, two-bathroom properties in 2,722 "markets," finding (somewhat surprisingly) that Dunwoody ranked as the most expensive housing market in the Peach State, with an average listing price of $407,116. Conversely, Riverdale on the southside of town was named the "most affordable market in Georgia," with average asks of $79,222. Roswell ranked second ($323,000), Alpharetta third ($290,000), while Atlanta (the whole city lumped together) came in at No. 28 ($207,000) and Decatur was way down at No. 59 ($171,000).