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Half-Empty High Rise Has Hilariously Epic Marketing Video

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The Great Recession hit the high-rent, high-rise office market hard, and one of Atlanta's most iconic architectural works, Bank of America Plaza, wasn't spared. The owners of Atlanta's tallest tower have struggled to fill its 1.3 million square feet of space with tenants, even turning to a marketing team that attempted to turn the building into a vertical tech-hub. That initiative soured as summer turned to fall, and the owners have more recently changed course by putting the building on the market, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. We've dug up a slick but somewhat hilarious 2014 marketing video for the 55-story building that attempts to lure companies. With production value and hyperbole like this, it's a wonder that techie entrepreneurs weren't clamoring like King Kong for office space here.

Attracting tenants to the sixth tallest building in the country — and largest in the Southeast — wasn't difficult when it opened in the early 1990s. (Demand was so strong, they actually added floors). But now, the big burgundy icon, while still an imposing skyline feature, has been usurped by newer buildings with modern amenities. Bank of America Plaza also doesn't have the centralized location of the city's hottest office developments, or the Beltline cache of Ponce City Market. The video seeks to highlight flexible floor plans and a neighborhood poised on the edge of greatness. But with epic elevator music, helicopter fly-by shots and a boatload of flowery language, the video may have gone a bit too far when it comes to the hype game. In any case, let's hope it works.

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