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A Year After Groundbreaking, Westside Trail is Humming Along

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[All photos and renderings via Atlanta Beltline.]

One year ago today, the Beltline's Westside Trail hosted a ceremonial groundbreaking that lifted hype for the multi-use path to another level. Now, Beltline officials have published a visual update of the trail's progress that could harken memories of the under-construction Eastside Trail for old-timers who lived in the city back in 2011. (Remember the ubiquitous gravel, random piping, half-built bridges and volcanic anticipation?) None of these late-October pics have captions, so it's a bit of a photographic free-for-all, but an inspiring one nonetheless. The three-mile Beltline leg is on track for a 2017 opening. It will connect four parks and include 14 access points and a new bridge over Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Unlike its Eastside counterpart, the trail is scheduled to debut with all lighting, security cameras and mile-markers.

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