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Wanted: Your 2 Cents on the Future of Fort Tyler Perry

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A slew of changes is in store for Oakland City as the Beltline works its way west and plans for Tyler Perry's major redevelopment of Fort McPherson materialize. Tyler Perry officially bought 330 acres of the site earlier this year with plans to turn it into a film studio. Since, neighbors have simultaneously expressed joy and lamentation, glad to see investment but upset that one walled complex could be replaced by another. In an effort to involve neighbors in shaping the area, the Atlanta Regional Commission is undertaking a Livable Centers Initiative to examine land use, transportation and real estate development potential ahead of any site work. And they want to collect your 2 cents really soon.

As the third of four planned workshops, the upcoming meeting will focus on "creating design concepts for future development in the Oakland City/Fort McPherson Study Area." Design professionals — presumably planners and architects — will work with community members to develop and sketch out ideas for the future of the neighborhood. Stakeholders and citizens are encouraged to attend next Tuesday evening, Nov. 17. Bitching on Curbed comment sections may be therapeutic and generally an amazing experience, but attending civic meetings is the best way to productively speaking your mind for what should — or shouldn't — happen in the neighborhood.

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