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Vibrant, Refurbished Tiny House Seeks $925/Month

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For Atlanta renters looking for unique standalone houses — and to veer off the beaten, overheated path — this vibrant shotgun bungalow in Vine City could fit the bill. At just 990 square feet, it qualifies as a tiny home by Atlanta standards, which many would consider a perk. With two bedrooms and one bathroom, the circa-1920 abode is about four blocks due west of the Georgia Dome and, as the listing points out, is within walking distance to three MARTA train stations, Atlanta University Center and a Walmart superstore. (Another plus: owner pays for yard maintenance and trash). Beyond a bold paint scheme that recalls some kind of Creole village — haters of fuchsia need not apply here — the interior has been updated with granite, MOEN fixtures and LED lighting. The boldness continues with this listing statement: "You will never find a rental home with as much personality and charm quite like this in the entire City of Atlanta." The confidence is laudable for an area that's shown chutes of promise lately, but Cabbagetown and others might beg to differ.

· 112 Vine St. NW [Zillow]