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Prices Go Low(er) at Splashy Loews Condos in Midtown

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Earlier this year, the Loews Hotel unveiled their selection of high-end condos in Midtown, bringing luxury, amenities and unattainable affordability to the market. Originally, three-bedroom, three-bathroom units were listed for a staggering $1.7 million. Now, after six months, another unit with the same number of rooms has appeared for sale at the relatively bargain price of $1.35 million — $350,000 below the other three-bedroom units. With almost 2,300 square feet, the condo is quite large, but the price still breaks down to a gasp-worthy $590 per square foot. And somewhat perplexingly, the listing leaves more than a few questions regarding what the buyer should actually expect; the photos show at least three different kitchens. (Okay, okay, so they're stock photos of various furnished units). But in any case, at this price-point, the kitchen may not matter to anyone but the butler.

· 1065 Peachtree St, Unit 3402 [Zillow]