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Are Atlanta Millennials Proving Renting Stereotype True?

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As part of a promotional series, Bisnow is picking the brains of that highly valued demographic species — the Elusive Atlanta Millennial — and finding them shunning corporate servitude, bucking their parents' careers and (almost stereotypically) loving the flexibility that renting allows. At least one of them — Reid Ramsay, 36, a Georgia State University grad who left his cubicle behind to publish the Beer Street Journal — has no qualms about not living in the heart of Atlanta. Ramsay, a bachelor, rents at The Drexel in Dunwoody (above), where he enjoys included laundry and trash service and rages against the "participation trophy" mentality that's afflicted many of his peers. But there's good news should these millennials have a change of heart soon: A recent Bloomberg study found that Atlanta, unlike the West Coast especially, is among the most affordable U.S. markets for millennials to buy homes.