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Georgia Nuclear Bunker Takes Mole Life to Luxury Levels

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For those who fear the end of the world, there's a great opportunity to snag what may be the most unique piece of real estate available in Georgia and possibly the Southeast. While many multi-million dollar listings tout stellar views, this one's being marketed for what it allows potential buyers to not see — a Nuclear Holocaust. This 1960s-era bunker, the only "hardened and privately owned" of its kind in the country, is now available for purchase. Located 45 feet below ground, somewhere near the south Georgia town of Tifton, the bunker is designed to withstand a 20,000-ton nuclear blast. Complete with four individual luxury apartments, a movie theater, conference rooms and a commercial-grade kitchen, the bunker provides accommodations for you to pleasantly wait out the Rapture with a group of buddies. But safety doesn't come cheap — the listing price for this unique subterranean lair is a hefty $17.5 million.

· 123 Private Dr. [Sister Hood - Harry Norman]