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Peek Inside the $14M Center for Puppetry Arts Expansion

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[Photos: Curbed]

On Saturday, the Center for Puppetry Arts celebrated the grand opening of its 15,000-square-foot, $14 million expansion. More than 1,400 puppet aficionados showed up to see sold-out shows, make puppets, visit with roving felt-covered "celebrities," eat, drink and explore the new Worlds of Puppetry museum wing. Atlanta is now officially the home of the largest collection of Muppets and only permanent exhibit dedicated to Jim Henson in the world, making it THE dream vacay destination for Muppet fans everywhere. Opposite the Jim Henson Collection, the new Global Collection celebrates puppetry traditions in cultures around the world with 175 puppets and artifacts representing five continents. Marketing Director Daniel Summers Jr. told Curbed Atlanta, "Everyone really loved the new areas, with reactions ranging from hilarious squeals of joy to happy tears at seeing a much beloved character or remembering a forgotten friend. One patron told me he had no words, only emotions, that it was all just too much for his mind to take in at once." Take a peek inside to learn more about the project, the collections and what the opening means for Atlanta.

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