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Industrial Loft on Beltline Snatched; Hipster Dreams Crushed

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Pretend an Atlanta hipster stumbles into Buddy's and buys a Powerball ticket alongside his High Life, Parliaments and discount beard comb. He wins $400,000 (cue harp music) and envisions the attributes of his dream habitat: soaring exposed brick, ceiling like a chicken factory, direct Beltline access (soon), still vaguely gritty Reynoldstown locale, a private hot tub (hey, hipsters can pimp, too), concrete floors, random Olympic-style gymnastics rings and two deeded parking spots for his oversized, wood-paneled van. He finds all of that this week at a $369,000 condo in a community named, miraculously, for his favorite TV show: South Park Lofts. But he's crushed to find that this two-bedroom, two-bathroom loft with 1954 vintage and 1,816 square feet is already spoken for. (According to Zillow, it went under contract in about 12 days; other listing services suggest the pending status came quicker.) In a fit of PBR-fueled rage, the hipster comes back in hopes of power-washing the wall stenciling away, but he can't find the place again, so he vows to spend his winnings exclusively, rebelliously on records.

· 174 Chester Ave. SE Unit 129 []