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Could Massive Lagoons be Atlanta's Ultimate Amenities?

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[A concept planned for Miami. All photos, renderings courtesy Crystal Lagoons.]

As we speak, the stateside CEO of a company that specializes in designing and building "the world's top amenity" is in Atlanta discussing ideas with developers, a spokesperson tells Curbed Atlanta. Crystal Lagoons, an international technology company, has built more than 300 massive, paradisiacal mega-pools around the world — the largest being a 30-acre lagoon in the Egyptian desert, which was just certified by Guinness Book of World Records — and has announced 10 concepts in the United States. This week, U.S. CEO Uri Man is in Atlanta to meet with "several developers who are implementing this extraordinary amenity into their projects," said spokeswoman Hanna Thornton. The pseudo Caribbean beachfronts are implemented as amenities for hotels, resorts and residential properties, both new and old. So where does Atlanta need one (or more) of these babies?

Company leaders say the huge bodies of crystalline water (saltwater, freshwater, brackish, well water, whatever) are eco-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective. Lagoons use 30 times less water than a typical 18-hole golf course, and 50 percent less H20 than a park of the same size. Technology called "disinfection pulses" allows the systems to use up to 100 times fewer chemicals than swimming pools, officials say.

When asked where Crystal Lagoons might actually happen in Atlanta — surrounding dense intown developments, or the suburbs with more prevalent, cheaper land? — Thornton could not yet specify. The company's U.S. CEO "is meeting with the (Atlanta) developers who have expressed interest in adding a Crystal Lagoons to their projects," Thornton said, "but no deals have been signed or announced just yet."

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