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Midcentury Starter House off Cheshire Bridge gets Discount

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The listing agent's "Don't wait! This will not last!" proclamation for this midcentury ranch off Cheshire Bridge Road didn't exactly pan out, but that's not to say lovable elements aren't at play here. Built in 1955, this renovated four-bedroom, two and ½ bathroom abode has been on the market for a month, despite the obnoxious (but possibly effective) explainers Photoshopped onto listing pics. Accordingly, it's undergone a price-chop, but not by much ($5,000), bringing the ask to $384,900. Maybe that's still a tall order for a house barely over 1,200 square feet total, but the sprawling back deck might compensate, if not verify the agent's "entertainer's paradise" description. It has classic, clean lines, revived hardwoods and a new kitchen, but hardly cutting-edge bathrooms. The unflattering Walk Score of 58 belies the fact that Taverna Plaka, Little Bangkok, Waffle House (!) and a MARTA bus stop are right around the corner.

· 2172 Melante Drive NE [Estately]