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After Backlash, Buckhead Redesign has Neighbor Love

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A development battle that has raged for most of this year looks like it soon may be coming to a close... The Garden Hills Civic Association board has given Brand Properties the green light to move forward with their proposed building along Peachtree Road in Buckhead. By a vote of 18-2, the association supported the latest iteration of the design slated to rise on the site of the former Garden Hills Shopping Center, according to BuckheadView. Since plans were released earlier this year, neighbors have spent a lot of time fighting against bad design; the battle has paid off, resulting in an improved redesign and the developer's willingness to agree to concessions.

Among concessions granted in this go-around with neighbors, Brand Properties agreed to adjust traffic flow from the development to minimize the impact on the neighborhood behind it. Additionally, the company agreed to axe the drive-thru banking facility from the proposal.

With approval from the neighborhood, the next step should be pretty straightforward. On Nov. 24, the plan will face the Zoning Committee of Neighborhood Planning Unit-B at its monthly meeting to advance toward obtaining approval from the city. Once final approvals are granted, the project should break ground — possibly as early as the start of 2016.

Hat tip to the neighborhood for raging against questionable (at best) design.

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