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Report: 'Hunger Games' Theme Park is Destined for Atlanta

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Move over, Bugs Bunny and Batman: Atlanta's next theme park could be based on a brutal dystopian world full of prepubescent homicide and gravity-defying thrills! The New York Times reports that roller coasters and other attractions based on "Hunger Games" movies will anchor two new theme parks by film company Lionsgate — one in Macau, China and another somewhere in metro Atlanta. The studio has licensed "Hunger Games" and other movies — including the "Twilight" series — to developers planning to build an attraction near Atlanta called "Avatron Smart Park," and one official told the newspaper that financing efforts to raise a needed $625 million to build the entertainment destination are "really far along."

The project's leader is a former Georgia Lottery executive named David C. Garrett who hopes to open the park by 2019. Much of the four-film "Hunger Games" series, which concludes with "Mockingjay Part 2" this month, was filmed around Atlanta; Garrett said he doesn't expect that harsher aspects of the story lines will be an issue.

The "Avatron" name matches that of a park proposal that emerged earlier this year with drastically different themes. At the time, officials said that park would be built way up Interstate 75 in Bartow County.

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