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Turner Field Survey Seeks Community Input and Bold Ideas

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The Turner Field Community Benefits Coalition, which formed to promote transparent, community-oriented development of the Turner Field site, has released an online survey to gauge the top priorities of residents. The survey asks for opinions on community infrastructure, transportation, safety, housing availability, current proposals and closes out with a prompt for users to offer their own big idea for the future of the area. The results thus far are both expected and rather surprising.

The results of the survey are not readily available, as it does not close until the Nov. 21. But, respondents' "bold ideas" are being placed on a public wall online. Based on the responses, people seem to have a fairly unilateral vision for the site, which includes a new grocery store, green space, a mini police precinct, new housing and new retail spaces. (Unfortunately, Super IKEA® and World of Walking Dead® have not made the cut thus far.)

However, there is less agreement about what developer will bring about the changes residents want to see. Most seem to be pushing for Georgia State to move into the area, and some even approve of the idea of a casino. Some bolder voices have proposed demolishing the Turner Field site entirely and rebuilding the space on a housing grid with a zoning mix to allow for corner shops, new parks and other community spaces.

TFCBC is supporting the Livable Centers Initiative planning study for the area. The grant-funded study is meant to develop an interconnected community plan for the involved neighborhoods, including Summerhill, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and a portion of Grant Park. In addition, Neighborhood Planning Unit-V, which includes those neighborhoods plus Capital Gateway and Adair Park, endorsed the TFCBC as the community representative in negotiations pertaining to the redevelopment.

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