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Atlanta's Ultimate Bachelor Pad is Finally Under Contract

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One of Atlanta's most impressive residential spaces has languished unsold since 2010, despite a feature in the Wall Street Journal (among other publications) and more price-chops than a Kmart liquidation sale. But all of that ended this week, when the mammoth modern loft in Castleberry Hill — seriously, it has a mansion-worthy 7,703 square feet, 12-car garage with hydraulic lifts, movie theater and an 18-head steam shower — popped back on the market for $2.49 million, and promptly found an offer that stuck. Circa 1925, this was a collection of buildings used for downtown retail, wholesale and light industry, and now it's listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Retired developer and entrepreneur Howard French bought the properties for a song and spent three years converting them into lavish living quarters, before he grew tired of the joint and plopped it on the market for $8.9 million — in the heart of the recession. It was used for T.I. video shoots and a Tyler Perry movie before being foreclosed. The last couple of years, listing agents have been advising buyers to "steal it," and it looks like someone just might.

· 229 Bradberry St. SW []