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New Decatur Park, Trail Link will Claim a Stinky Gas Station

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Decatur residents are in the process of junking an old gas station in favor of a new community park near DeKalb School of the Arts. The project is taking place under the leadership of East Decatur Greenway, a nonprofit formed in 2011 to reclaim the property, according to Saporta Report. Right now, the organization has trucks at the site removing concrete and cleaning up contaminated soil before they can start the conversion. Decatur Greenway funded the cleanup with a three-year, $200,000 grant from the EPA's brownfields remediation program. On the group's Facebook page they've said you can smell the old gas as the trucks work. In an email to Decaturish, director Michele Ritan said contractors estimate the work would take four to six weeks if the weather holds up.

The organization's end goal is to create a passive-use park with an adjoining mile-long trail that would end at Avondale MARTA station. Now that the soil remediation project is under way, they're seeking funding to develop the park.

The organization is working with PATH Foundation to build the trail, which would meet the current Stone Mountain bike trail as it from Stone Mountain to Centennial Olympic Park.

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