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Johns Creek Rejects MARTA. So Let's Reject Johns Creek!

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Johns Creek wants no part of MARTA rail. Period. At a city council meeting this week, the decade-old, north-OTP municipality unanimously passed a resolution denouncing MARTA for its northward expansion plans and expressing their sheer displeasure with not just the transit system, but the state for having the audacity to bump taxes to fund non-vehicle transportation. Bob Gray, the councilman who drafted the resolution, shrugged off recommendations by other council members who wanted to hear from residents before approving the measure, indicating it would be a waste of time, as the AJC reports. Many council members voiced concerns over the passing of the motion, the methods employed and the legitimacy of the "facts" laid out in the resolution. But in the end, the fear-mongering, misinformed and isolationist argument won out. So in response to their resolution, we've drafted our own:

First, have a look at the official document, as adopted this week ...


Now, take a deep breath, and please give this countermeasure your consideration ...


WHEREAS, it is the duty of Concerned, Forward-Thinking Atlantans to call out stupidity on the part of elected officials in the metro area; and

WHEREAS, the Council of the City of the Creek of John has shortsightedly deemed its city too good to support MARTA; and

WHEREAS, MARTA may be far from perfect, but is constantly improving and has the chance to connect Atlanta if it is supported by stakeholders across the metro; and

WHEREAS, many of the citizens of your city drive to the North Springs MARTA Station to take the train into the city; and

WHEREAS, therefore, even if the city council doesn't realize it, the city directly benefits from MARTA; and

WHEREAS, you are a bedroom community for the City of Atlanta; and

WHEREAS, the City of Atlanta and inner suburbs provide the majority of jobs, economic drivers, international attractions and the world's busiest airport; and

WHEREAS, without the City of Atlanta and its resources, the City of Johns Creek would literally be farmland; and

WHEREAS, you don't get to utilize the innumerable resources in the metro without being a team player in making the area a better place; and

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by Curbed Atlanta in our Friday publication on November 20, 2015 that, however facetiously:

We hereby respectfully request that Johns Creek be removed from the Atlanta metropolitan area and be relegated to status as a far eastern suburb of Birmingham. Sorry, Birmingham — they're your problem now.


All those in favor say "Aye," in the comments section.

Those opposed say "No."

· City Council Meeting Agenda [Johns Creek]
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